Market Update Report 10/11/2017

The KUIK Market Update for Wednesday, October 11:
Markets are flat.
Index Direction Change Units Index Time Change
Dow Jones Industrial Average Up 9 points 22,840 7:57 AM
S&P500 Up 0.0% percent 2,551 0.46
Nasdaq Composite Up 0.1% percent 6,593 5.51
30 Year Treasury Down (1) Basis Points 2.87 Annual Yield
Here in the US Moody’s says households in certain income categories are increasing their debt or taking on high amounts, which may pose a risk to banks and financial institutions. Families in the 20 to 40% percentile, or who have before-tax incomes of about $33,100, had debt burdens tick up to 15.6% in 2016 from 15.3%, according to data from the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finances. That’s not a big jump, Moody’s said, but wrote that “the rise suggests a change in behavior among certain borrowers or lenders that may lead to further increases or widen.”
Marketwatch reports there’s a link between CEOs who torture the English language and poor stock performance. If you have ever heard a CEO drone on during a conference call with analysts you know there’s jargon, mangled English and double-speak. It turns out that executives’ comments and behavior during those calls can be linked to subsequent stock performance according to a study by S&P Global Market Intelligence Quantamental Research on natural language processing. Bottom line, if you can’t understand what the CEO is saying, there’s a good chance the stock price will drop.
Serving the West Side first, I am Bill Roller of BR Capital for 1360 KUIK.
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