Pat Jollota Selected as Clark County’s 2012 First Citizen

Many thanks to everyone who sent in a letter of support for Pat Jollota’s nomination as 2012 First Citizen.  The selection committee at the Community Foundation for Southwest Washington saw things the same way we did and selected her as Clark County’s First Citizen for 2012!  Here is a link to the press release: Patricia ‘Pat’ Jollota named Clark County’s First Citizen for 2012See you all at the award presentation on October 11, 2012 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at the Vancouver Hilton.  Here is a link to the event:  2012 First Citizen Award Presentation

Pat’s career, many honors, and contributions to our community are well known, but here are just a few highlights:

  • Clark County Historical Museum, Curator, 1982—2000 and Curator of Education, 2000—2003.
  • Vancouver City Council Member, 1990—2010.
  • Children’s Justice Center Board Member, 1990—2010.
  • Justice for Children Founder and Board President, 2010—Present.
  • Author of books on local history including Naming Clark County 1993, The Darkness Next Door 2002, Naming Clark County Revised Edition 2002, Downtown Vancouver Washington 2004, Camas 2007, Legendary Locals of Vancouver 2011.
  • Leadership on many community boards, committees, and citizen’s groups that have positively shaped our community and increased the well being of our citizenry.

Rotarians on the Road 6/13/2012

We shot a segment for Rotarians on the Internet for 6/13/2012 called Rotarians on the Road.  It shows how hard Rotarians really work.  Many thanks to Scott Anders and Jamie Howsley of Jordan Ramis.  Contact information for Scott Anders can be found here:  Contact information for Jamie Howsley can be found here: